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Kashi Tour Package

Kashi Tour Package

Being a part of  Hindu religion, everyone wishes to visit Kashi – Rameshwaram at least once in their life. People visit Kashi Rameswaram yatra to perform Vedic rituals to appease our forefathers (ancestors) and for the welfare of our family and future generations. Our team will guide you about things throughout the Yatra. It is the responsibility of Khushi Taxi Service (Kashi Tour Package) to make you feel comfortable and enjoyable in your complete trip.  We really give you flexible offers to hire our service with reasonable prices as well as a trusted team. It will be your choice to select a tour operator as per your wish. We ensure you enjoy the happiest experience throughout the journey

Kashi Gaya Prayag Ayodhya tour package

Kashi tour package | Varanasi Taxi Service

You just need to click on Khushi taxi company. The rest of the responsibility is on our shoulders.  We will plan your trip to Kashi gaya prayag ayodhya in a very proper way as you can visit all your desired places on time and safely. Meanwhile, we would like to show you a little about our trip plans.


The representative of Khushi Taxi Service will meet and Greet you at your arrival place and take you to pre pre-booked Hotel. After you freshen up you can spend half of the day on Sightseeing in Prayag or Allahabad. You could take a boat over there for the sangam and fort area.


The next day, after having breakfast, check out from Hotel and continue the sightseeing of Allahabad and visit Anand Bhavan, Sleeping Hanuman temple, and Alopi Devi temple then drive to Ayodhya, the birth city of Lord Rama. Then in the evening watch aarti on the bank of Saryu River and stay in Ayodhya for a night.


In the very next morning, you must go to Ayodhya which is situated on the bank of Saryu River where lord Rama was born unfortunately now this city has become a contviery city for the Hindus and Muslims.

There are plenty of places which will we included in the tour as Ram Janm Bhumi, Kanak Bhavan, Sita Rasoi, Hanuman Garhi, Swarg Dwar, Mani Parbat, Sugriv Parbat, and Nageshwar Temple later on drive to Varanasi.

Kashi Varanasi Tour Packages

There are plenty of ghats in Varanasi and we will take you to the most important ghats. So you must Visit them where you will find a great knowledge of culture if you really want to visit religious places in Varanasi. Ghats such as: Assi ghat,  Manikarnika ghat, Dasaswamedh ghat. Hanuman, Jain ghat, Raja ghat, Kedar ghat, Lalita ghat etc.


Next day you visit Bodhgaya, a city situated about 250 km away from Varanasi in Bihar. This is the city where Prince Siddhartha became lord Buddha after getting enlightened under the Bodhi tree in Bodh Gaya. People come here in a huge range and sit to meditate under the bodhi tree so you can also enlighten yourself too with the Khushi taxi company.


You can meet a priest to discuss your ancestors or you can meet your pre-arranged priest in your pind daan. Your priest will guide you and will take you to the places where you would need to perform. Over there you can visit Falgu river, Vishnupad temple, Mahagauri temple and later on you can arrive at the Hotel.

So this may be your trip plan.

Kashi Varanasi tour packages | Taxi Service in Varanasi

Kashi Tour and Travel

Team of khushi taxi services is trained tour operators in India for the best pilgrimage tour package.  We offer different numbers of tour packages.

Such as:

  • Shirdi
  • Kashi Ayodhya gaya Allahabad Varanasi tour package from Chennai
  • Pondicherry
  • Tichry
  • Madurai
  • Salem
  • Krishnagiri

Khushi taxi service offers you the best and cheapest tour package for Kashi. You can take a domestic tour package.

We are the most trusted and Successful Travel Company in terms of customer satisfaction and delivering unforgettable memories to our guests. Khushi Taxi Company started with the mission and vision of providing travel services in the easiest and most affordable way. We really take care of the preferences and needs of every individual client. Our honesty and simplicity establish our interaction with our clients.


Khushi taxi service offers you the best and cheapest tour package for Kashi. You can take a domestic tour package. So now no need to scroll down apps to get convenient tour packages just click on Khushi taxi company

Kashi Varanasi Tour Packages

Kashi Varanasi tour package

Khushi travel agency in Varanasi is an expert in organising Varanasi tours and is popular as a reputed tour operator. Varanasi and Kashi are considered as the most visited cities to explore and visit religious places. We do some great stories while our expertise guided tours via guide services in Varanasi. It has been considered that by travelling in Varanasi people can explore Mini-India in the religious capital of India.  Where anything or everything is done in a Holistic way.  You will definitely enjoy and get the whole knowledge of nook and corner by the Khushi taxi tour package.

We value your time and choice.

That’s why you must click with us.

You can ensure your booking online or can visit our residency.

You are welcome to Khushi taxi service for travel in Varanasi or Kashi. Start your tour with a khushi taxi company to ensure your safe and personalised journey. So Now explore Varanasi with our specialised tour operators who love to guide the whole nook and corner of your trip.

Parking, Toll (Approx Rs.200)

Driver Charges(After10PM) = Rs.200


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