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Buddha Gaya Tour | Tours And Travels In Gaya| Gaya Tour Packages – Exploring the spirituality of the journey With Khushi Taxi

The Buddha Gaya tour with Khushi taxi is a good way to start the trip. This holy town is famous for its peace of nature and spiritual importance. Due to the presence of the stunning scenery, this location is a common location for visitors and curious travelers. People from all over India and other countries head to Bihar, India, to take part in the Buddha Gaya tour of faith and prayer.

Choose Khushi Taxi’s Buddha Gaya tour to witness the divine peace found with the Buddha Gaya temple and lose yourself in the daily habits and lessons of the Buddha. The spot is known due to Siddhartha Buddha Gautama, who achieved wisdom under the shade of the Bodhi tree. That is why people looking for peace within themselves come here to feel relaxed and the grace of God Buddha.

Learn about the meaning of spirituality by visiting the popular temples of this area which is mixed with its rich past and unique culture. Buddha Gaya tour packages from Khushi Taxi, will let you enjoy an exciting and simple tour that meets all the travel needs of yours. Our tour offers an experience that will fill your soul and heal your mind; we included every landscape in the tour, from beautifully constructed temples to lively markets in the main city.

Tour and Travels in Gaya - Unveiling the Essence of Bihar

Boddha Gaya Tour

When you want to going on tour of Bihar and enjoy the best times, you lack the feel of a true tour without a great tour deal. So, if you really want fulfill your Gaya tour needs, Gaya tour packages are available by Khushi taxi. Our tours will help you to get to know the meaning of faith and spirituality with a long tradition of culture and history. Since we give the finest travel services, you will be ready to see all of Gaya’s roads and enjoy the greatest time ever.

This Gaya tour and travel will guide you to the different parts of this amazing location. Gaya is well known for far not just its holy places. The true worth of the Gaya lies in its people, history, and its blend of the past and modern life.

If you go to the Vishnu Temple, which is said to be the spot where Lord Vishnu left his footprints, or you go to the local markets of this place, we believe you will enjoy each moment with us and mark every moment filled with cultural diversity. So, for the best prices and tours, choose our taxi services.

Varanasi to Gaya Tour Packages - Embark on a Spiritual Odyssey with Khushi Taxi

Varanasi is said to be the holy city of India. Gaya is referred to as the Land of Enlightenment. It symbolizes spirituality, peace, enlightenment and the true meaning of religion. Our India tour deals lets you to feel the holy spirit that surrounds every ghat, temple, alley, and roads, from the waters of the River Ganges to Gaya at the temple of Vishnu.

Khushi Taxi is honored to offer Varanasi-Gaya tour deals that record the true spirit of both locations. Our carefully crafted tour plans make your trip exciting and enjoyable by taking you to Kasi and Gaya’s religious and cultural spots

  1. Khushi Taxi is an all-in-one solution for all of your travel demands. If you choose us, you will receive a hassle-free and enjoyable change from Gaya to Varanasi. Our cars are clean and driven by qualified and skilled drivers, letting you to relax and enjoy your journey of faith.
  2. To keep the trip worthwhile, our regional data and certified guides provide you with local facts and background history. Our guide will help explain spiritual importance of Varanasi. Starting from the legends of the temples to the meaning of the rituals you will learn everything about the two locations.
  3. We know that each tourist’s trip is special. That’s why, in addition to Varanasi-Gaya tour packages, we offer individual choices. Whether you want to learn about the meditation practices or visit unique temples, we will create your experience to your tastes.


We are aiming to provide you with the best possible tour plan. With our dedicated customer service team, that is available 24 hours a day we will answer all inquiries and worries you may have

Varanasi to Gaya Tour Packages

Other Places

The Mohanta’s Monastery, located right next to the MahabodhiTemple, is a Shaivite monastery. It is said that Adi Sankaracharya spent days here in a heated debate with buddhist philosophers.

At the Tibetan Mahayana Monastery (1938) there is a large Dharma Chakra, or wheel of law. It is believed that you will be freed of sin if you spin this wheel three times in succession from left to right. It is a 10m high metal drum painted gold and red.

Budha bathed in the nearby Niranjana (now called Lilanja) River after attaining enlightenment. The NiranjanaRiver is about 250m east of the temple. Prince Siddharta crossed this river to reach the Bodhi tree.

Parking, Toll, Bihar Entry Tax(Approx Rs.600)

Driver Charges = Rs.200


FAQ about Khushi Taxi's Varanasi to Gaya Tour Packages

Most frequent questions and answers

Khushi Taxi offers complete Varanasi to Gaya tour packages which let people to discover spirituality of both locations in one smooth trip. The packages offered were carefully selected with key attractions, easy transfers, and local information, resulting in an enriching and important experience.

Our Kashi Gaya tour package mixes Varanasi’s religious grab with Gaya’s awakening. In this city, you’re going to see key attractions like Kashi Vishwanath Temple and Sarnath, and then move to Gaya to get in touch with spots like the Vishnupad and Mahabodhi Temple.

Yes! We at Khushi Taxi know that different people have different preferences. That is why we provide Gaya tour deals that are focused on your unique interests, if you want to visit landmarks, find out about religion, or enjoy a cultural event.

Khushi Taxi stands out from the rest as it involves Gaya tours and travels. We aim to offeran experience that goes beyond touring. You’ll enjoy a special and exciting journey, full with local ideas, expert guides, comfortable travel, and great overall service.

When you pick Khushi Taxi, you pick a spiritual journey that has been created with care, comfort, and a goal. With our years of knowledge, familiarity with the area, and passion to bring you joy, you can count on us to give you the Varanasi-Gaya trip a lasting memory that matches your path of faith smoothly.

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