Buddha owns favorite place, Sarnath is among the greatest tourist destinations in Varanasi &  has utmost importance in Buddhism religion and culture. Situated 10 kms from Varanasi, Sarnath has religious, cultural and architectural significance. It was in the Deer park in Sarnath where Gautama Buddha delivered his first sermon post-enlightenment. It is a place where from this religion and culture started. The place rose to its significance during reigns of Ashoka who erected numerous stupas here. Sarnath tour has been customized and designed in such a way that it captures the most of the sights and monuments spread around in Sarnath. The important sites to visit in Sarnath are
  1. Dhamek Stupa
Situated in Deer Park this stupa marks the site of Buddha’s First Sermon which set forth the wheel of motion.
  1. Chaukhandi Stupa
Historically believed to be the place where Lord Buddha reunited with 5 disciples. It is a burial mound that serves as a shrine for the relic of Buddha.The stupa was built during Gupta period and later modified during Mughal Period.
  1. Tibetan Temple
Built in Thai architectural style and houses the statue of Shakyamuni. Famous for thangka paintings and frescoes.
  1. Ashoka Pillar
The national emblem inspired from Ashokan pillar was built to mark the visit of Emperor Ashoka to Sarnath. The pillar also depicts a bull, a lion, an elephant and a horse which symbolize four different phases of the life of Gautama Buddha.
  1. Archeological Museum
A Rich collection of Buddhist relics, Boddhisatva images, and great architectural ruins. A must opt it if you have enough time to tour Varanasi. Gautama Budhha delivered his first sermon here replica, signifies Sarnath’s importance in Buddhism religion world.


  • Personal Varanasi tour guide for Sarnath tour [For safe and trusted trips we provide central Govt approved guides].
  • Private AC Medium Car for hotel-Sarnath visit- hotel. 
  • Sealed 01 Liter mineral water bottle per person.


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